28 July 2009

New pages...

Recently I havn`t got much time to scrap... to make new posts... because we are painting and decorating our living room... But I have few... pages which I made long ago...

Rak for AgaWa. Tiramisu Designs "Colors of Autumn", WA by Kimla Designs.

Rak for Martencja. "Cherry dreams" Collab by Tiramisu and Delmik.

Rak for Lezurk. "Melody nihgt" by Elodie and MIssK.

"Crachin Breton" by Linou.

Rak for my friends. "Day after day" by Kawouette.

Rak for Justyna and Gabrysia. "Etincelles de bonheur" by Dydyge.

"Summer Dream" by Elodie.

Rak for JJ. "White reflections" by Emka Designs.

2 x GSO

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