29 June 2009


Few days ago Bisontine raked me with her very amazing kit "Truth from falsehood". I havn`t got much time recently and I feel terrible... so that kit had to wait a little bit for being used! But now I have my lo. My husband and me:

Also Ivonka from Starlight Designs raked me with her "Mysteriuos Memories". My page for my freind Kinga:

And I made a rak for my web friend Jolanta. I used great kit "Summer solstice" from Newlife Dreams & Edeline Designs. This Jola`s newborn son - Adaś:

And at last I want to show you wonderful kit from Elodie "Carpe Diem". I made with it rak for Nanine and her children - Raphael and Eva:

Added 30.06:

Yesterday I forgot about two really beautiful kits. First - made by Linou - "Framboisine"! I made a page for Ivonka:

And second kit is made by Emka "White reflections". Rak for Agapa:

25 June 2009


Big "wow". It`s the best word to describe some new kits! Just look at my pages:

"Little red bird" by Lily Designs.

"Violett" by Mystique Designs. Photo by R. Sobkowicz.

"Memories" by Mia Designs.

"Way out wild" - collab by MissVivi and Gypsy Couture. Photo by Chryzalide.

"Way out wild" - collab by MissVivi and Gypsy Couture. Photo by stridsberg on deviantart.com.

24 June 2009

I made a wish...

Kimla designed new amazing kit "Baby wish"! Just look at these fabulous and delicate elements! Tomorrow you will find in A5D. Don`t forget to see her blog, because she will have something for you! And now my pages... On first one there is Dorota and her little daughter Natalia... You know them well;) On the second one - as well known as Dorota and Natalia - beautiful Emi:

Photos by R. Sobkowicz.

Photo by JJ.


21 June 2009

Pickle Pick of the Month!

I`m so happy today because my page is June's Layout of the Month on www.pickleberrypop.com:

18 June 2009

Day of new fantastic kits!

It`s rak for JJ with her beautiful Emi.
New collab kit "Summer solstice" by Newlife Dreams & Edeline Designs.

"Remember this happy summer day" by Dydyge. Rak for my web friend Iwonka and her daughter Kornelia.

"The little reinette World" by Linou. Photo by Deviant.com.

"The fable reader" by Mystique Designs. Photo by R. Sobkowicz.

14 June 2009

New new new!

I`m sorry... I havn`t much time recently to scrap... My sister came to Poland (from London where she lives) and I wanted to spend some time with her... I didn`t make many pages, but I have few to show you - some old one and some new one. First - Paweł:

Rak for Kimla. "Un monde de douceur" by Elodie


Rak for Ewa. This is her daughter Mania. "Zeste de fraicheur" by Elodie

Paweł we Frinton (sierpień 2008):

Photo Bum_Luck_by_Aeburse on DeviantArt.com

Rak dla Martencji. "My Family Tree" by Line Designs

5 June 2009

I have my own elf!

Yes, it`s true... but first I want to show you another amazing kit! It`s "Baby Elf" designed by Lily Designs!. It`s so amazing... Words can`t describe it... You have to have it! On Lily`s blog you will find a little freebie!

First page - rak for my friends Dorota and Robert and Natalia:

And finally you can see my own elf Paweł:

A taste of Africa...

I have to show you amazing kit... It`s available from today at A5D: "A taste of Africa" by Martencja Designs (now on 20% sale!). It`s fabulous! Just look at preview...

...and my fantastico pages:D First - me and my beloved sister Ania vel PPatty:

And Patrick i Sofia:

Since September 17th, 2009:

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