20 June 2010

Butterfly Romance for 2 $!


by Dislea


  1. Dear Mary, I have spent 45 minutes trying to buy two of your kits at oscraps...Butterfly Romance and Love is in the Air...I WAS registered but, now, I'm not. I tried to re-register and it kept saying I needed a 5 digit postal code. I live in Canada where the postal codes are 6 digits. I finally typed in a five digit code and it then said I needed a 6 digit code! I couldn't complete the order no matter what I did. I wasted the better part of an hour and gave up in complete and utter frustration. This is a crying shame because I wonder how much business you're losing because of this? I know I don't have the time to keep trying repeatedly plus the sale is only for one day on Butterfly Romance anyway. I love your kits and appreciate your freebies so much. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Faith at famadio@cogeco.ca

  2. Faith
    that`s awful! I don`t know what happened:((( I hope it will work soon. If not I will make longer promo:/
    Thanks for your words about my designs! They mean so much for me!

    best wishes

  3. Wooow another great kit!! Thank you!! :-)


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