12 November 2009

Winter is coming... New kit is coming!

Hi, hello!

Here, in Poland weather is getting worse and worse. It`s sign that winter is coming... But it`s a goo news! Firstly, we will have snow, secondly we will have a Christmas!
But now I just want to tell you that I will have a new kit on Monday and new suprises! Please, visit my blog on Monday!

Now look at page made with my new kit by Shadelia!

And many thanks for Tara from far away Tasmania who made this beautiful blog template!

Hugs for everyone



  1. The layout looks great and your blog looks wonderful!! Can't wait to see your new kit!!

    Have a wonderful and warm weekend!!
    Hugs Natascha

  2. Tara Rock, and i love her work here, and i Love Maggy work, and Your work, and .... Ok .... :D lovya :D

  3. Náááádherné!!!Moc se Ti to povedlo !!! Gratuluji.
    Květka - floranka

  4. Awwwwwwwww Mary and Bry, I LOVE you girls so so much! And I am so glad you love the new blogwear. It looks awesome but thats cause I used your gorgeous products girl!!

    Big Hugs & Kisses,
    Tara xoxoxoxo

  5. Your blog looks amazaing! Wow!! Also the new LO, I'm really lokking forward to monday!

    Hugs, Kizzy

  6. I just found your blog, and I love it. Thank you for the freebies, you do fabulous work!

    I am disappointed that I am too late and the password no longer works so I cannot download the Joyfull Moments kit, but the rest is wonderful.

    Thank you again for your beautiful work.

  7. Hi, You can download joyfull moments if you want, but please do not copy the pass but write by yourself.



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